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About Us

We are a consortium of experienced professionals engaged in establishing, restructuring, financing, operating and managing new and existing hospitals throughout the world.


Curriculum Vitae

1. International Associates : Dr.C.P. Kamle

Dr. Chandra Prakash Kamle

He has the distinction of being associated with several Hospitals through out the world

2. Statement of Purpose:


A. Objective

To capture the growing opportunities of the globe

To function as a profit-centre "Head"

B. Present Assignment

Working as PRESIDENT of Dr.Kamle's Prescription.
Helping Industrial Houses / Trusts / Doctors establish global standard hospitals as a healthcare consultant.
Restructuring / Re-engineering of hospitals by employing ‘Cost Control Mechanics�?and "LWIMST"-Audit as a hospital management consultant.

C. Past Assignments

Has won the laurels of establishing several corporate / trust hospitals in India and abroad

D. Total Experience

Has over 30 years of rich experience in the field of project / industrial management, administration / systems development and hospital planning and administration.

3. Acadamics

1. Qualifications

  1. Bachelor of Engineering (Electronic & Telecommunications), Bio-medical Engineering as elective subject.
  2. Masters of Business Administration (Industrial / Project Administration)
  3. Research Doctorate (Ph.D) in Environmental Science and Community Health
  4. Licentiate Law Barrister (LLB)
  5. PG Diploma in Labour Laws
  6. PG Diploma in Computer Applications in Hospital Industry
  7. PG Diploma in Hospital Administration

2. THESIS WORK �?Titled

  1. Computer Programming �?Knowledge of Software and Hardware of Computers �?Special emphasis in ‘Hospital Management Systems�?
  2. Computer Applications in the Hospital Management Systems.
  3. Environmental Control in Concrete Jungles of India �?‘Health�?/li>


  1. On "Bio-Medical Instrumentation �?Electronics in Medicine".
  2. Project Planning of Industrial items like Hospital Equipmentation and Environmental Control Equipment.


  1. American Institute of Medicine, U.S.A. to establish global standard Hospitals.
  2. M/s. Hans Finne International of USA, who have the rare distinction of completing around 600 hospitals in consortium with M/s. Fabricom International of Belgium.
  3. Independent contractor for Asian operations to Venture Capital Consultants �?Investment Bankers who have the distinction of arranging funds to 1700 selective clients with a project value of 1400 MUSD.
  4. International associateship with bkh Consulting Engineers / Elmcrest Projects which is a member of the Netherland’s Association of Consulting Engineers (ONRI) affiliated to FIDIC and EFCA and of Nethconsult (Multi disciplinary group of Netherlands Consultants)
  5. International association with Flagstone Inc./ Team Management International of UK �? human resource development company recruiting top management personnel.
  6. M/s. Karishma Software �?The leading exporters of computer software offering online hospital management system.
  7. M/s. Duncon Infotech Limited �?Business association for hospital management system.
  8. M/s. Frontier Information Technology Ltd., - Business association for hospital management system.
  9. To meet the environmental and occupational health and safety awareness requirements, environmental medicine and management of work-place stress, a memorandum of understanding has been reached between UK based Dr. Jeff Morgan �?a consultant occupational physician and community psychiatrist and Dr. C.P.Kamle, a hospital planning consultant and environmental analyst of India. Morgan and Kamle shall be offering their professional services to various industrial undertakings to provide solutions on occupational health hazards and safety measures. Lectures, workshops seminars and discussions shall be organized.


Towards the academic contribution to society, I have accepted visiting faculty assignment with several Universities / Institutions including the Post-graduate / Doctoral program evolved by Administrative Staff College of India �?Hinduja Institute of Healthcare Management at Hyderabad in collaboration with Johns Hopkins University, USA and also Ahilyadevi University, Indore.


  1. Winner of ‘Rotary Foundation International Award�?for Education.
  2. Presentation of a policy to the Govt. of India on ‘Health Study, Program and Research on the Pollution Affected People�?
  3. Mediciti, ‘Heart-Watch�?�?evolved a ‘Trauma Care Movement�?�?A comprehensive Emergency Care Hospital�?
  4. Participated in International Symposium on Good Laboratory Practice �?Preparing Laboratories for GLP Compliance Monitoring organized by Department of Science & Technology.
  5. Participated in National Conference on Medical Informatics �?Organized by Institute of Public Enterprise.
  6. Presented a Policy Document to GNRC on “Bench Marking Hospitals with Global Standards�?/li>
  7. Presented a Policy Paper in an International Seminar on “Telemedicine and Rural India�?


Dr. C.P.Kamle, a keen environmentalist with University Degree and Doctorate in Environmental Science, has accomplished many projects and volunteered several others.

The major of them are:

  1. Thesis on ‘Environmental Control in Concrete Jungles of India �?A health study and analysis
  2. Project work on ‘Product Planning of Industrial Items�?like Environmental Control Equipment.
  3. Health study of the residents of Jeedimetla Industrial Zone affected by Environmental Pollution.
  4. Health study of the residents near Hussain Sagar Lake, highly polluted lake due to industrial and human waste.
  5. Occupational health pattern study for the Employees of Andhra Pradesh State Electricity Board.
  6. Health Study of the victims of Malaria in Khammam Districts
  7. Study and analysis of ‘Air Pollution Status�?of the Metropolitan cities of India
  8. Study and analysis of ‘Flourosis�?in and around Nalgonda district in Andhra Pradesh
  9. Presented papers on ‘Environmental Control Mechanics�?
  10. Participated in several national and international seminars on ‘Environmental Issues�?/li>
  11. Presented several research papers and was a key-note speaker on several occasions on the Environmental Problems and Solutions�?
  12. Presented papers in the South Asia Conference on Advances in Respiratory Medicine.
  13. Presented policy suggestions to the Government on ‘Waste Management�?and ‘Epidemic Control Mechanisms�?
  14. At present the contribution is through research analysis. Several methods of control from Centre of Research in Environmental and Biological Sciences in the capacity of its Director are being suggested.


With a University Degree in Electronics and Communications, coupled with rich and varied experience, Dr. C.P.Kamle has successfully accomplished several prestigious hospital projects from concept to completion and profit making. Prominent among them being:

  1. University Electronics Degree with Electives from Bio-Medical Engineering and Communication.
  2. A Post Graduate Diploma in Hospital Administration
  3. Direct experience of marketing of imported high-tech medical equipment
  4. A project work on ‘Bio-medical Instrumentation �?Electronics in Medicine�?/li>
  5. Thesis on Product Planning of Industrial items like Hi-tech Hospital Equipment
  6. Participated in several national / international seminars wherein subjects of healthcare were discussed.
  7. Presented several research papers on the Biological Status of Health due to environmental hazards to various Government and non-Government Agencies.
  8. Key-note speaker in Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI), Hyderabad where one of the research papers on ‘Hospital Financing�?won commendation.
  9. Key-note speaker in the conference on Bio-diversity and Environmental Disasters�?
  10. Key-note speaker in the South Asian Conference on ‘The Spread of Epidemics and Health Delivery Systems�?
  11. Presented a policy document to the Government on ‘Health Based Family Physician Concept�?
  12. Established several Health Clubs and Gymnasium Centres on scientific lines.


  1. Environmental Sciences
  2. Healthcare Activities
  3. Business Management Techniques
  4. Foreign Trade Exploration
  5. Indian Philosophy
  6. Law


To acquire international eminence in Corporate Affairs.


Douglas Miller

1. International Associates -Douglas Miller

Present Position : Financial and Management Consultant
Name of Firm : Karaden Finance Ltd.
Title : Managing Director
Profession : Energy Policy, Financial Consultant, Project Management
Date of Birth : 1934
Years with Firm/ entity : 6
Nationality : United States
Present Activities : Project Management and Financial Consulting
Types of Projects : Humanitarian Projects

2. Education

  1. Ph.D., Math and Physics, University of Pittsburgh, 1963
  2. ML, Math and Physics, University of Pittsburgh, 1961
  3. BA, Math and Physics, Bridgewater College, 1957
  4. Languages: English

3. Key Qualifications

More than 45 years experience in the energy business and with infrastructure projects, in management, planning, finance, project management, restructuring of national industries, formulation of national policy and the privatization of different sectors of the electric power industry.

4. Projects involved

Project Manager, United States Agency for International Development (USAID)/Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2003 - 2006. Advise the Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and the Governments of the two Entities that were created by the Dayton Peace Accord and the three electric utilities in BiH on the implementation of the Action Plans for the Restructuring of the electric power sector in BiH.

Project Manager, United States Agency for International Development (USAID)/Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2002. Advised the Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and the Governments of the two Entities that were created by the Dayton Peace Accord on the creation of Action Plans for the Restructuring of the electric power sector in BiH.

Senior Financial Advisor, World Bank, Kampala, Uganda, 2002. Advised the Government of Uganda on the privatisation of the power sector including working with the Investment Bank to produce all of the documents required for bidding.

Project Manager, United States Agency for International Development (USAID)/Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2001. Advised the Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina on the restructuring and privatisation of the electric power industry. Led a team that made an extensive study of the sector and recommended how the power sector should be restructured and privatised.

Senior Advisor, World Bank, Baku, Azerbaijan, 2000 �?2001. Advised the Government of Azerbaijan on the restructuring of the energy sector and on the privatisation of the electric sector.

Project Manager, Major International Energy Company, Istanbul, Turkey, 2000 and 2001. Advised the company on the business climate in Turkey and on the potential of the future energy business there.

Project Manager, United States Agency for International Development (USAID)/Energy Regulatory Commission of Ukraine, 1999 �?2000. Advised the Government of Ukraine and the Energy Regulatory Commission on restructuring of the electric power sector and the wholesale market prior to privatization of the local distribution companies.

Senior Advisor on Electricity Law and Tariff Reform, Energy Ministry of Mongolia/Development Alternatives, Inc, 1999 �?2000. Dr. Miller assisted in creating a new Electricity law and new tariff methodology.

Senior Advisor, United States Agency for International Development (USAID)/Governments of the Republic of Georgia and Kazakhstan, 1996 �?1999. For USAID Energy Sector Institutional Reform Project, Dr. Miller advised the governments of Georgia and Kazakhstan on the restructuring and privatization of their power sectors, and the five Central Asian Republics on the regional trading and pricing of electric power. As the leader of the electricity reform project in Kazakhstan, he has led the restructuring of the industry and the writing of a new Law on Electricity that calls for the creation of an independent regulatory commission, and gives the details of how this commission should be organized and operated. He has also been responsible for the development of new licenses for the restructured electricity sector and other supplemental rules and regulations for the operation of the new entities in the sector. This reform effort has resulted in the sale to strategic investors of more than 90% of the generating plants and three of the regional distribution companies. Privatization of the remaining 14 regional distribution companies is planned in the near future. He has also led the effort to create a competitive wholesale market and a power pool, and produced all of the technical and administrative documentation to support the pool. He has worked with the industry experts in the national dispatch center and the national grid company to implement this power pool.

Dr. Miller has introduced a new tariff methodology and, working with the Anti-Monopoly Commission, has raised electricity tariffs to levels of near full cost recovery from historic levels of less than one cent per kilowatt hour. These efforts have resulted in Kazakhstan being the leader in the reform and privatization of their electricity industry among all of the countries of the former Soviet Union.

Dr. Miller has worked with the five Central Asian Countries of Kazakhstan, Kyrgystan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan to assist them in creating a market oriented system of electricity trading and pricing for bilateral and multilateral transactions in Central Asia. He has created a Working Group with members from all of the countries that has produced a Parallel Operations Agreement among all of the countries, and the Working Group is now evaluating the advisability of creating a regional power pool.

President/Chief Executive Officer, Dunbarton Energy, Inc. (DEI), 1992 �?1996. Dr. Miller was consultant to a group that tried to acquire portions of two recently privatized generating companies, National Power and PowerGen. He was involved in the negotiations regarding the purchase and financing of several of the company’s coal-fired power plants.

General Manger, Dames & Moore, Barry Limited, 1991 1992. For this United Kingdom-based international management consulting company, Dr. Miller worked with clients in the newly privatized electricity industry in England and Wales, including generation, transmission, and the local distribution companies.

Management Consultant, Theodore Barry & Associates, 1988 - 1991. As the senior consultant in the London office of Theodore Barry & Associates, Dr. Miller was responsible for consulting to the different segments of the government-owned and soon-to-be-privatized electricity industry. His assignments included evaluating non-nuclear power generating plants in England and Wales, advising the regional electricity companies on management and financial matters, advising the National Grid Company on financial and business planning, and developing business plans for independent power companies who were entering the newly competitive generating market.

President/Chief Executive Officer, Continental Power Resources Corporation, 1985 �?1987. Dr. Miller started this company, which was owned by Pacific Power & Light, Portland General Electric, Puget Sound Power & Light, and Washington Water Power, to build, own and operate cogeneration plants. He created organizations in New Jersey and in California and developed several new projects.

President, Besco, a subsidiary of Besicorp Inc., 1983 �?1985. Financial assessment of the company; evaluation of current value of the company; development of a new business strategy and new corporate structure; developed, financed and built several cogeneration and heat recovery projects.

Manager of Projects, Stone & Webster Engineering Corporation, 1980 -1983. Dr. Miller was responsible for the total project management of fossil fuel power plants, including the building of coal-fired plants for the Tampa Electric Company.

General Manager of International Operations, General Atomic Company, 1977 - 1980. Dr. Miller was responsible for all international activities, including subsidiaries in Brazil, Germany, and Japan, and offices in London, Mannheim, Zurich and Tokyo.

Director of Government Operations, General Atomic Company, 1975 1977. Dr. Miller was responsible for selling products and services to the federal government, and acted as a liaison with the agencies in Washington, DC.

Manager of Marketing, General Atomic Company, 1974 �?1975. Dr. Miller was responsible for planning, implementing and managing a corporate marketing and nationwide sales organization, selling projects and services to electric and gas utilities, and to industry.

Engineering Management Positions, Westinghouse Electric Corporation, Nuclear Energy Division, 1957 �?1974. Dr. Miller held positions of increasing responsibility at the Nuclear Energy Division of Westinghouse Electric Corporation during the rapid growth of the nuclear power industry from the late 1950s to the mid 1970s. His tenure culminated in a position where he was responsible for the engineering and licensing of the reactor island for Westinghouse nuclear plants in Belgium, France, Italy, Japan, and the United States.


Kirit Updhyaya

1. International Associates : Kirit Updhyaya

Mr. Upadhyaya is in charge of Universal Architects Incorporated's Health Care Commercial and Residential Practice. Mr. Upadhyaya has been involved in the planning, Design and development of hospital projects and the production of construction documents of these projects.


  1. G.D. Arch.,
  2. Academy of Architecture,
  3. Bombay, India, 1966.
    • Associate of Indian Institute of Architects (AIIA)



Burbank Hospital-Gerontology Center, Fitchburg, MA - Design of a level 1, level 2, level 3 Care and an adult Day Care Center by renovating an existing building Completed in 1985.

BonSecourse Hospital, MA - Design of a Radiatiion Therapy Unit , C.S.R. and Medical Surgical Beds Completed in 1982

Day Kimball Memorial Hospital, Putnam, CT - Lab Expansion, CSR and LDR Birthing Suite. Completed in 1983

Morton Hospital, Taunton, MA - Design of an O.R.Suite and Emergency Room Completed in 1988

Episcopal Hospital, Philadelphia, PA - Expansion and Renovation to existing building Emergency Room, Radiology and Medical / Surgical beds. Completed in 1989

New England Medical Center, Boston, MA - New Building for the Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Completed in 1988

North Adams Regional Hospital, MA - A Comprehensive Study (Master Plan) of the existing facility. Completed in 1987.

Franklin Country Public Hospital, Greenfield, MA - A Comprehensive Study (Master Plan) of the existing facility. Completed in 1987.

Jersy Shore Medical Center, Naptune, NJ - A new facility, Radiation Therapy Units Completed in 1985

United States V.A., MA., An expansion and renovation to O.R.Studies Completed in 1988

Henry Heywood Memorial Hospital, Gardner, MA - A new Radiology wing Completed in 1987

Tabuk Hospital, Tabuk, Saudi Arabia - Design of a new facility, a 100 beds general hospital Completed in 1982

International Medical Science City (Medi City), Hyderabad, India - A new facility 250 beds Cardiac Hospital Center Completed in 1995

Cancer Care Hospital and Research Center, Indore, India - A new facility, 150 beds Cancer Care Hospital (Master Plan for 300 beds) Under Construction

Bewa Dilip Singh Bedi Hospital and Medical Research Centre, Indore, India - A facility, 100 beds general Hospital (Master plan for 300 beds)Under construction

CIL Hosital, Vadodara, India - A new facility, planning for 300 beds Hospital Completed in `995

Trauma Center, Navdeep Hospital, Ahmedabad, India - A new Facility planning Completed in 1990


102 Wheler Road Office Building, Burlington, MA- Completed in 1988

Town House Motor Inn, Watertown, MA Currently under construction

Inn on the Hill, Leominster, MA - A renovation to the existing building Completed in 1998

A Doshi Residence at Lakeforest, Chicago - Completed in 1995

A Patel Residence at Carlisle, MA Completed in 1992

A Residence for Mr, and Mrs.Coverto at Topsfield, MA Currently under Construction


1.Bombay Mahal, Waltham, MA Completed in 1987

2.New Mother India, Waltham, MA Completed in 1982

3.Bombay Bistro, Brookline, MA Completed in 1982

4.Jaipur Café, Norwood, MA Completed in 1996

5.India House, Brookline, MA Completed in 1996

6.Indian Club, Cambridge, MA Completed in 1996

Michael Francis Gebhart

1. Professional Experience

Michael Francis Gebhart Architect AIA,NCARB
Cambridge ,Massachusetts

The Architects Collaborative Inc (TAC)
Cambridge ,Massachusetts

Sasaki Dawson Demay
Watertown, Massachusetts

Hugh Stubbins and Associates
Cambridge Massachusetts

Ralph Rapson and Associates
Minneapolis , Minnesota

2. Teaching

  1. California Polytechnic Institute
  2. Harvard Graduate School of Design

3. Registration

  1. Registered Architect in Massachusetts No. 3853
  2. National Council of Architectural Registration Boards Ceertified No .16394

4. Education

Master of Architecture,Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Jonathan Whitney Fellowship
Clark and Rapuano Fund Scholarship

Bachelor of Architecture, University of MInnesota
Ellerbe Prize in Architecture--First Prize
Mastic Tile Competition--Achivement Award
School of Architecture, University of Colorado
The Tile Counsil of America Competition --First Prize

5. Professional Affiliations

  1. American Institute of Architects (AIA),(Emeritus)
  2. Boston Society of Architects(BSA)
  3. AIA Massachusetts

6. Personal Awards

American Academy in Rome Fellowship Runner-up to William Pederson Scholarchips to MIT(See above)

LeBrun Traveling Fellowship Honorable Mention

7. Professional Awards

Kuwait Equate Petrochemical Company Office Complex,
Ahmadi, Kuwait
International Invited Design Competition Winner(MPG/Gulf Consult)

Kuwait National Petroleum Company Office Complex,
Ahmadi, Kuwait International invited Design Competition Winner(MPG/Gulf Consult)

kuwait Oil Company Office Complex,
Ahmadi Kuwait
International invited Design Competition Winner(MPG/Gulf Consult)

Oklahoma State University Noble Researcg Center ,
Still water, OK National Invited Design Competition Winner(TAC/Frankfort/Short/Bruza)
AS & U American School and University Citation
Oklahoma A.I.A Chapter Honor Award

Johns Manille World Headquarters
National Invited Competition Winner(TAC)
National AIA Honor Award

8. Publications

  1. American School and University(TAC) Noble Reasearch Center , Oklahoma State University
  2. American School and University(TAC) Noble Reasearch Center , Oklahoma State University
  3. American School and University (TAC),Florida Department of Education headquarters
  4. Architectural Record(TAC), South station Transportation Center Architectural Record(TAC), Johns-Manville World Headquarters Drawings by American Architects,J.Wiley, 1974
  5. Presentation Drawings, J.Wiley 1974
  6. Graphic thinking,P.Lassea, Van Nostrans 1980
  7. Architectural Presentation Drawings,P.Lasseau, Van Nostrand 1980

9. Computer Skills

  1. Autocad 2008
  2. Architectural Decktop 2006
  3. Autodesk
  4. Viz 2008
  5. 3DSMax 9
  6. Photoshop 7
  7. Ms Publisher 2003 Learning Sketch- up 6

Ar. Sameer K. Thakare


  1. Institutional / Campus Design
  2. Hospitals and Medical Campus Design
  3. Residential & Commercial/Business Complexes
  4. Residential/Commercial - Interior s/ Landscape Design


  1. Feasibility studies and Master planning
  2. Site selection, project analysis, code review
  3. Architecture, Interior Design & Landscape Design
  4. Space programming, schematic design, design development, construction documentation / working drawings, specifications and monitoring.
  6. CADD /BIM Integration
  7. Computer aided design, digitizing/plotting services and presentation graphics.

3.Professional Membership:

  1. Council of Architecture, New Delhi
  2. Indian Institute of Architects, Nasik
  3. Faculty Member:College of Architecture, Nasik.

4. Panel Architect

Mahanagar Co-op. Bank, Mumbai

5. Professional Experience

14 Years

6. Academic Experience - 4Years

Apart from having sufficient experience of Professional Practice in India, I have also worked at Dubai, U.A.E. on a few Interior Projects.

Good Knowledge in the Academics as in the capacity of a Design Professor for Architecture as well as Interior Designs.

7. Chief Architect Personal Projects India/Abroad

  1. Hospital/Medical College/Campus, Nursing/D.Pharmacy College.
  2. Business Houses/Auditorium.
  3. Plantation/Horticulture-Mega Projects.
  4. 350 Beds “Super Speciality Hospital�? Pune
  5. Sanyo Electronics, Dubai
  6. Jewelry shop, Dubai
  7. UAE Defence Administration, Abu Dhabi
  8. Al Futtaim (Seiko watches), Dubai
  9. N.R.I. Housing Scheme, Pune
  10. International Standards Health Resort, Nasik
  11. Bunts Tools Company, Nasik - Interiors.
  12. Sapat Group of Industries, Nasik - Interiors
  13. Villas at Nasik
  14. Various Interior Projects ( Corporate, Industrial, Residential. Medico, etc.)
  15. Mahanagar Co-op. Bank, Nasik �?Interiors

8. Lecturer College of Architecture

  1. N.D.M.V.P.S., Nasik
  2. Architectural Design Subject
  3. Interior Design Subject
  4. University Paper Setter / Examiner

William B. McGowan

Bill brings over 25 years of sales and consulting experience in healthcare. Following several years of successful field sales experience for a leading industry medical supplier, Bill sought out opportunities in the hospital construction and healthcare capital equipment market.

His hospital design and construction experience started with The Architect’s Collaborative in Cambridge, MA, where he successfully designed and implemented an application to plan equipment and perform cost estimates. The application was employed for TAC’s healthcare clients throughout North America and around the globe, including several projects in Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

He then moved to RHA, a South Carolina firm dedicated to equipment planning. At RHA, Bill began the planning for Healthcare International (HCI) in Scotland where he joined the staff in 1991. During a three-year posting in the UK, Bill managed the entire equipment/furniture procurement effort totaling more than $20 million and employed project and negotiating tactics that have become his hallmark.

In 1995, Bill returned to the States and launched William B. McGowan & Associates, a project planning and equipment procurement consulting firm. After operating independently for several years, Bill merged operations with RHA to form Source Atlantic.

His skill set includes in-depth knowledge of the healthcare capital equipment market, strategic acquisition planning, procurement tactics, and contract negotiation. He has presented to the United Nations Development Council on how to plan and execute healthcare projects in the developing world and has participated in several industry roundtable forums. His education includes a Bachelor of Science degree from Boston College.